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GA Solutions are an Official Dealer partner of Mayphil, the Appointed Perkins® 4000 Series for South Africa Perkins 4000 Series gas engines The Perkins 4000 Series gas engines give you the versatility you need for today’s power generation market. They deliver the same high efficiency performance as their diesel counterparts and meet increasingly stringent emissions standards. They can run on landfill gas, digester gas, biogas and coal-bed mine gas and, with exceptional power-to-weight ratios and compact design, they are easy to transport and install.
4006-23TRS1 – Perkins Gas Engine 4006-23TRS2 – Perkins Gas Engine
300kVa - 400kVa 400kVa - 500kVa
4008-30TRS1 – Perkins Gas Engine 4008-30TRS2 – Perkins Gas Engine
500kVa - 600kVa 600kVa - 700kVa
4016-61TRS1 – Perkins Gas Engine 4016-61TRS2 – Perkins Gas Engine
1000kVa - 1100kVa 1100kVa - 1200kVa
4012-TESI HC – Perkins Gas Engine The 4012TESI is a 46 litre, 12 cylinder, spark ignited gas engine. It’s supplied both as an Electro Unit for power generation and as a Cogen Unit for combined heat and power (CHP) applications. One of the engines in the Perkins 4000 Series, the 4012TESI delivers 600-632 kWm (576-600 kVA). Variants of the 4012TESI are designed to meet TA Luft or 1/2 TA Luft emission standards. Low compression variants of the engine are specifically designed to run on low-methane gases, such as those derived from landfill sites. In keeping with all Perkins gas engines, end users and Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) can enjoy full support from our global network of 4000 Series Gas Centres of Excellence. 700kVa - 800kVa
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